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Case Management

Golden Independence Case Management Services

Golden Independence provides the following case management
services to make your life easier:

In-Home Nurse Evaluation

A  Golden Independence nurse or healthcare professional performs a comprehensive
in-home evaluation of your loved one’s physical and emotional condition.

Our Golden Independence nurse will evaluate and develop a
personalized plan of care. This skilled professional matches your loved one with a Care Attendant
who fits his or her personality, interests, and life experience to carry out
the plan of care. Our Goal is to help your loved one maintain independence and safety.

Care and Referral Coordination

Golden Independence staff keeps track of medications, appointments,
insurance forms, and any other administrative details. Our staff will communicate regularly
with you as well as with physicians, rehabilitation teams, insurance companies,
and legal advisors to ensure comprehensive care for your loved one.

We arrange transportation to appointments and attend these
appointments with your loved one. We also coordinate the purchase and delivery
of medical equipment.

Our Golden Independent staff refers you to the most accomplished
care providers for your loved one. If there are financial issues, we will
review your situation and customize a financial plan of care, or refer you to geriatric specialists such as elder law attorneys and physicians.  All this in an effort to help you and your loved one maintain independence because we believe “Independence is Golden”!

Comprehensive Care Management Services

Communication is the key to success with your loved ones care. Our care team and in office staff always communicate regularly and frequently with you. If you have concerns or questions about your loved one’s condition, our staff is available to address your needs. If you live far away, you will benefit from updates on your loved one’s progress, including any problems or changes in their needs.

Golden Independence helps you focus on what’s truly important, a positive relationship with your loved one. We deal with all the tedious details of caregiving leaving you carefree. Call Golden Independence to talk to an intake specialist.