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How to Cope as a Caregiver When Your Loved One Won’t Give up Driving

Posted on January 11th, by Julli Conde in Blog, Elder Care in Tracy CA. Comments Off on How to Cope as a Caregiver When Your Loved One Won’t Give up Driving

Elder Care in Tracy CA

Elder Care in Tracy CAHaving an elderly loved one who really shouldn’t be driving any longer can be extremely stressful for you as a family caregiver, particularly if your loved one doesn’t share your views on her driving abilities. Managing the frustration and other feelings that this situation creates can take some creativity.

Get a Second Opinion on Your Loved One’s Driving

Since you spend quite a bit of time with your elderly loved one, you may be the only one telling her that you need to talk about her driving abilities. If she’s resisting the talk, or even just the message, it may be time to get some second opinions. Other family members may be enough to have your elderly loved one understand the problem, but you may need more ammunition. Try hiring an experienced driving evaluator to conduct an evaluation. Your loved one may not be able to argue with an expert.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor

If you’re still having difficulty, it may be time to talk to your loved one’s doctor. Let her doctor know what you’re seeing and experiencing in terms of your loved one’s driving. He can give you a better idea if the symptoms you’re seeing in her driving are something that could be related to her existing health issues. He may also be able to give you a “prescription” for your loved one to stop driving, which can sometimes go farther than your own suggestions.

Talk to a Friend or to Another Caregiver

Very often, what you really need is an understanding ear to help you to manage your feelings about the situation. Try talking to a friend or family member that you trust about your feelings around this issue and why you might be feeling that way. If you’re a member of a support group or you know other family caregivers, you may want to talk to them as well.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

In the long run, you need to stop feeling guilty or as though you’ve done something wrong if your loved one is fighting you on the driving issue. Your loved one doesn’t want to give up independence or control and this can make the entire situation much more difficult for both of you.

Your loved one’s elder care provider can take care of your loved one while you take a break from the situation. Do what you can to avoid taking the situation too personally.

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