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How Older Adults Can Get Used to Wearing Their New Hearing Aids

Posted on December 16th, by Julli Conde in Blog, Elderly Care in Castro Valley. Comments Off on How Older Adults Can Get Used to Wearing Their New Hearing Aids

Elderly Care in Stockton CA

Elderly Care in Stockton CAFor many seniors, the thought of having to wear hearing aids is terrifying. Along with feeling old, the elder may also think these devices are bulky and easy for others to see. In today’s technology-driven era, hearing aids are small and difficult to spot with the naked eye. While this fact may make older adults feel a little better, they may still be somewhat self-conscious over their appearance. In order to help your aging parent get used to wearing their new device, here are some tips that are sure to help.

  • Gradually increase time with them. Encourage your loved one to start off by wearing the hearing aid for a few hours each day until they are comfortable enough to wear them for longer stretches of time. Even if it is quiet, having the senior wear the device will train their brain to get used to new sounds.
  • Talk to yourself. Because of their hearing loss, the elder may not know what their own voice sounds like. Hearing it for the first time with a hearing aid can be a surprising experience and one they need to get used to. To help them ease into getting used to this new sound, the elder should read or talk to themselves, even when they are alone. The more they hear their own voice, the less surprised they will be everytime they speak.
  • Make necessary adjustments. Older adults that are using hearing aids for the first time may be sensitive to all of the sounds that surround them. However, if the sound is too loud, it could actually be quite painful for them. If this happens, they should return their hearing aids to the audiologist in order to get the volume adjusted.
  • Remove any whistling sounds. A whistling noise could occur if the sound exits the ear and goes past the hearing aid mold, causing a feedback effect. This effect could cause the elder to hear an annoying whistling sound. This could be an indication that the device is not working properly, so have their audiologist take a look at it to make sure everything is working properly.

Even with the use of hearing aids, older adults may still have a difficult time hearing noise around them. An elderly care provider may be needed to help care for your loved one, especially if they suffer from a condition such as this one. With these tips, your loved one will be able to comfortably wear their device.


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