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What to Do If You Think Your Senior is Having a Heart Attack

Posted on January 20th, by Julli Conde in Blog, Home Care in Fremont CA. Comments Off on What to Do If You Think Your Senior is Having a Heart Attack

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Each year more than 730,000 people suffer a heart attack. For some of these people, this is a second or further subsequent heart attack, but for the majority, it is the first such medical emergency that they have experienced. As a family caregiver it is vital that you know how to not just recognize the potential signs and symptoms of a heart attack, but also how to respond properly should you suspect that your loved one is going through such a situation. Damage to the heart muscle occurs very quickly following the onset of a heart attack, and fast action is essential to protecting your parent from the most dire of potential consequences.

Use these tips to respond if you think that your senior is having a heart attack:

• Calm them down. If your senior is conscious and experiencing symptoms such as pain in their chest or arm, have the sit down and rest. Calm them down and encourage them to relax. Other conditions, including anxiety, indigestion, and overexertion, can cause similar symptoms to a heart attack, and calming them down can help to evaluate what is really going on.

• Loosen their clothing. Tight clothing can cause issues within the body that mimic heart attack symptoms, including shortness of breath and pain. If they are wearing any clothing that might be restrictive, such as tight pants or a shirt that is tight around their neck, loosen these and ask if the symptoms have decreased.

• Call for emergency medical services. If your elderly parent’s symptoms do not subside within three minutes, it is time to call for emergency services. Call 911 and immediately state that a senior is having a heart attack.

• Begin CPR. If your elderly parent has fallen unconscious, call for emergency medical services and then begin CPR. This can help to provide additional support to their respiratory and cardiovascular systems until the emergency medical team arrives. If you are unsure of how to perform such services, tell the 911 operator and follow their instructions. Remain on the phone with them while supporting your parent until medical help arrives so that you can provide information about any changes that might occur.

Starting home care for your elderly loved one can be one of the best decisions that you make for them throughout your care journey with them. Particularly if your aging parent is at increased risk for a heart attack or has recently suffered a heart attack, the highly personalized services of an in-home senior care services provider can help your senior to manage their needs and stay healthier and stronger throughout their later years. By recognizing your parent’s individual care needs, this care provider can help your parent to address their needs in the way that is right for them according to their thoughts, beliefs, goals, and lifestyle. This means that they stay healthier, manage their challenges effectively, and enjoy a quality of life that is fulfilling and customized to them as an individual.


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