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Distracting your Elderly Parent to Happiness

Posted on December 22nd, by Julli Conde in Blog, Home Care in Tracy CA. Comments Off on Distracting your Elderly Parent to Happiness

Home Care in Tracy CA

Home Care in Tracy CAIt’s human nature to get caught up in our minds. Worries and fears can overwhelm the sunniest of dispositions when life’s challenges come fast and furious. As an aging parent, your loved one may face many challenges. A physical challenge such as an injury or illness may leave them frustrated and afraid. An emotional challenge such as the loss of someone or something close to them may leave them despondent. A mental challenge that brings loss of memory or cognitive decline may find them fearful of the future. But fear and worry only lead to loss of the present. To help bring your parent back to their centered, happy place, find something to do together that incorporates all of their senses and engages them to the fullest, leaving little time to let the mind wander.


If your loved one is new to this endeavor, there is a wealth of information to learn. If you have uneven weather or it’s not the season for gardening, but you can create a garden indoors. Head to your neighborhood nursery together to look at all the possibilities. Get a book from your local library about the best indoor plants for your area. Start seedlings in sunny areas of the house so that they are ready for replant into your not as yet created spring garden. Plan. Dream. Think Big. Your parent will love you for it.

Mindful Tasks

Activities that keep the hands busy and require mental concentration are very helpful in quieting overactive minds. Incorporating something new and different is even better. It’s harder to let the mind wander when the task at hand requires full attention. Weaving, knitting, pottery, painting and mosaic are all wonderful creative outlets that require focus, particularly for those just starting out in the craft. Check out classes at the local senior community center or the neighborhood art center.


It’s hard to remember why you’re feeling blue when playing a lively game of Clue and focusing on the next move that will take down your opponent. Games that can span multiple days can help keep the anticipation level high. Think chess or Monopoly.

Home Care Provider

If you’re finding it difficult just to complete the daily tasks required when taking care of your parent, consider obtaining the services of an in-home care provider. They can provide transportation to classes and special events, play board games and help you parent plan their garden. If that sounds like more fun than you want to miss, consider letting your home care provider help with the daily activities of living such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, dressing and various errands like grocery shopping, so that you can spend more time enjoying your parent.

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