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Why Doesn’t Your Parent Want to Listen to You?

Posted on February 3rd, by Julli Conde in Blog, Senior Care in Fremont CA. Comments Off on Why Doesn’t Your Parent Want to Listen to You?

Senior Care in Fremont CA

Senior Care in Fremont CAIf you are like many adult children to elderly parents it is likely that you have noticed challenges and issues that they are dealing with that is making it more difficult for them to remain independent as they age in place. You want to step in and ensure that they have everything that they need to live the quality of life that they deserve, which could mean giving them recommendations for lifestyle choices and actions, supporting better compliance with their doctors, or even suggesting that they have home care. While you are approaching this with the best intentions and wanting to support your loved one’s goal of aging in place and having a fulfilling lifestyle throughout their later years, your senior might not see it in the same way. Research has shown that approximately 77 percent of caregivers say that their elderly parents are “stubborn” or do not cooperate with their efforts to help them as they age. This can make a tremendous difference in the quality of care that you are able to give them, and their health and well-being as they age. Understanding why your senior doesn’t want to listen to you can help you to approach this resistance more successfully and with less stress.

Some of the reasons that your aging loved one might not want to listen to you as you strive to care for them include:

• Desire for independence. Independence is an important concept for everyone, and it can be particularly challenging for an elderly adult who has always been accustomed to taking care of themselves to cope with this loss. They might struggle against your help in an effort to exert more independence and not admit that they are truly in need of assistance.

• Embarrassment. It can be very emotionally difficult for an elderly adult to deal with the reality that they are struggling with tasks that they were always able to handle on their own. They may be embarrassed that they cannot do them, or about the results of their efforts. This can be particularly true if they need help with sensitive tasks such as bathing or toileting.

• Denial. Just because your parent’s challenges are obvious to you does not mean that they are as readily apparent to your loved one. They might not think that they are dealing with as much difficulty as they really are or that you can actually help them. Facing the need for help can be frightening and make them unsure of the future.

Starting home care for your elderly loved one can be one of the most compassionate, nurturing, and meaning decisions that you can make throughout your caregiver journey with your elderly parent. This in-home senior care services provider can be with your elderly loved one on a customized schedule that is right for their individual needs, challenges, and limitations, as well as their personality, lifestyle, and goals. They can also take into consideration the amount of care that you give them, meaning that you can always feel confident that they are getting everything that they need to stay happy, healthy, comfortable, and safe even when you are unable to be with them. The highly personalized care, assistance, and support of a home care provider can also be invaluable if there are specific tasks or care needs that are too challenging for you physically or outside of your emotional capability or the comfort and willingness of your aging loved one. This care provider can fulfill these needs in a respectful, supportive, and dignified way that ensures it is managed properly and that enables you to step back and focus your energy more effectively and efficiently.

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