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The following is a listing our families experience with Belinda who gave care to my bed-bound mother and lived "round-the- clock" in my mothers mobile home: Belinda performed the following personal care duties with the same care as if our mother were Belinda's mother.

Giving bed-baths, changing "diapers," applying creams, giving facials, brushing teeth, distributing medicines per doctors directions, changing sheets and pillow cases, changing bed liners, placing pillows in boney areas while turning patient, placing pillows for support.

Belinda worked closely with hospice RN's, bather, and others including hospice social worker. She placed weekly orders with hospice for diapers, creams, lotions, gloves. She called pharmacy to recorder medications in a timely manner.

Belinda cooked, prepared, and fed patient daily with breakfast, lunch dinner, and snacks. She did patients laundry and housekeeping.

From February through July 2006, she ran the single-patient household, made shopping lists for patients daughter who lived elsewhere, did the housekeeping (washing dishes and cookware, sweeping and washing floors, dusting, etc.) and discarded yard debris. She transplanted some dying plants and added water and seeds, watered indoor plants; fed and played with two cats, cleaned the litter box. Because the garbage can was often filled to the top (Belinda removed house trash regularly), she occasionally stood outside to make sure that garbage man took everything. She swept the decking and maintained the area around the garbage cans. She brought in the mail and newspaper daily. She graciously volunteered to help patients daughter with sorting, boxing, and pricing items for a sale.

On her own, Belinda did some grocery shopping and purchased gifts for the patient.

Our experience with Golden Independence was a positive one. Our mother even gained a little weight because Belinda made her feel comfortable. Belinda employed a technique of always waiting until mother felt as if she had some "say" about the procedures necessarily imposed upon her.

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